…as I was saying

I haven’t written a blog here since 2012. Three and a half years have flown past. I have been immersed in my work and family life and my attention to technology, including my website, has been minimal.

However I have been inspired to write again after hearing an interview with Derek Sivers founder of cdbaby. He was talking about a new project called nownownow – a list of people with Now pages on their websites. It is such a simple thing a Now page and yet something about the idea unlocked my interest. Esssentialy a Now page is a place to post everything that is happening currently. Interests, ideas, new things being learned. The kind of information someone who hasn’t seen you in a while would like to have about what you are up to now.

I posted my now page just before Christmas and it will be updated regularly.
You can see a collection of interesting people and their Now pages at http://nownownow.com

Why not create one of your own? Something about it concentrates the mind…

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