Sea Change 2016SEA CHANGE 2016

An Adventure of Music and Sailing

Created and performed by James Boyd Guitar.

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Sea Change 2016 is a new artistic project created by guitarist, raconteur and sailor James Boyd that combines the maritime and the musical in a series of unique performances set against the beautiful landscapes, rivers and coastline of South East England.

Launching in late Spring 2016, James will travel in Concord, a classic yacht from the 1930s, navigating the richly evocative surroundings of the Thames Estuary where Concord was originally built and remains moored today. This journey will begin inland at the historic city of Norwich and move towards the sea, taking in the Rivers Orwell, Medway and Swale, stopping at destinations in Suffolk and Kent, and ending with a celebratory concert in London on the River Thames.

Concord: read about the boat

Each stop on the Sea Change 2016 voyage will provide a beautiful location for a concert performance. Every performance will be specially curated for its destination.

With the stunning British landscape, dramatic coastline and shifting sandbanks of the Thames Estuary as inspiration, James will collaborate with musicians and artists along the route to explore and produce new work that will provide a special experience for the audience at each stage of the journey.

The travelling nature of Sea Change 2016 looks to a bygone era in Britain when folksongs and music was collected from around the country, and brings some of the simplicity, honesty and storytelling of this folk tradition into classical music. Collaborating with some of the finest composers working in Britain today, along with emerging writers, poets, dancers and performance artists, the varied soundworlds of contemporary music and classic repertoire will be enhanced and illuminated by these different influences and James’ reading of poetry and his engaging storytelling.

The specially curated concerts of Sea Change 2016 will be characterized by all-English programmes that span several centuries and that are strongly influenced by the English landscape and seascape encountered on the voyage. Concerts will range from the lute fantasies of John Dowland and the haunting writing of Benjamin Britten to traditional music and sea songs, interwoven with poetry and newly-commissioned work for the guitar. Collaborations with composers and artists at each stage of the journey will enable new work to be premiered at every stop and a growing cargo of new music and writing will be brought by the boat to the different locations on its travels.

Background To Sea Change

Sea Change: An Adventure of Music and Sailing was developed in 2012 as a result of a residency at Aldeburgh Festival, supported by Arts Council England. The residency brought together British performers and composers to begin the creation of a new repertoire for the guitar and for guitar with voice. At its heart was the creation of new music inspired by the sea and James Boyd’s forthcoming voyages aboard Concord. The residency initiated a number of key collaborations between James Boyd and other composers and artists who share his love of books, poetry and storytelling. These elements remain at the heart of Sea Change and its performances that combine James’ unique musical sounds with storytelling and poetry.

Through the creative collaboration of Sea Change, James Boyd has worked with and premiered works by many esteemed composers, singers and artists. He is passionate about creating a new British repertoire for the classical guitar that goes beyond the realms of the traditional classical concert setting.

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