James’ is more than a master musician. He has spent a lifetime pursuing excellence in many fields. A gifted public speaker, he teaches business leaders the secrets of World Class Learning and Performance and the Art of Public Speaking.

To inspire the next generation in their learning journeys he created Take The Tension out of Learning, a unique system that has helped thousands of students and teachers to raise their game under pressure.

For CEOs and Business Leaders


World Class Learning and Performance

A seminar for a morning or weekend retreat

‘James is excellent… a genius international guitarist who brings his learnings and observations to participants in a totally interactive way.’

– Paul Adlam, Chairman, VISTAGE

In this experiential seminar for business leaders, James teaches a unique way of learning and performance. He demystifies the centuries-long search for the realisation of human potential. This is a seminar unlike any other, with direct application to business systems and personal development.



The Art of Public Speaking

A seminar for a morning or weekend retreat

‘If you see James perform you will know that he is one of the World’s foremost guitarists and I am very proud to know him. He has used his accumulated learning to create these inspirational seminars. Participants are waxing lyrical about the effects.’

–  Ron Mitchell, Director, Chell Instruments

It terrifies some people more than death… and yet most people in a position of leadership will be called upon to talk publicly. A well crafted, well delivered and authentic speech can make all the difference.

‘Very effective and highly engaging. Your approach was relaxed, unique and highly valuable’

– J Fothergill – Managing director at Fothergill’s Seeds

Take the Tension out of Learning

This is James’ unique system of learning and performance, born from his own journey of relearning, crafted to engage teachers and the next generation.



Take the Tension out of Learning


‘The feedback has been extraordinary! You really nailed it! It was a very personal experience resonating with specific aspects of work and life here at Fram (and in general).’

–  Tom Caston, Deputy Head Pastoral, Framlingham College

The perfect start to a term for any school, college or university. This talk and concert reinvigorates and reconnects staff with their love for learning and teaching. Lasting 90 minutes, with time for Q and A at the end, it reveals horizons of innovative and sustainable excellence and inspires new learning journeys.



Take the Tension out of Learning


‘This is a better and more efficient way to learn’
‘I am now confident that when going into the exam I will handle it better’

– 6th Form Students, Fakenham Academy

James is passionate about inspiring the next generation. From prep schools through to universities, conservatoires and beyond James has delivered his unique message of learning and performance. He has helped hundreds of young people develop effective ways to learn well, sustain curiosity and handle the pressure of exams.


Take the Tension out of Learning


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Public Speaking

The Transformational Power of Music

‘James is an artist in the truest sense.’

–  S. Olivier, bestselling writer and entrepreneur

Part concert, part personal story, this is an experience that will take you to the depths of despair and the heights of joy. An hour-long celebration of the central part that the arts play in a meaningful and productive life and an opportunity for reflection on priorities.

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar Masterclasses

James is a unique voice in the world of classical guitar. He has an extraordinary range of techniques for players to free themselves from unnecessary tension and his focus on often overlooked principles of movement and learning yields fast and lasting results.


The Art of Practise

Musicians have the luxury of time spent alone learning a highly complex craft. It is an unparalleled opportunity to discover and develop individual ways of learning. It is an art, sadly often reduced to repetitive patterns and a focus on time frames, outcomes, deadlines and extrinsic rewards.


One-to-One Coaching for Guitarists

Sessions in London by arrangement, at James home in North Norfolk or via Skype. There is very limited availability. To register your interest or put your name on the waiting list please use the contact form.


  • ‘Having suffered from terrible performance nerves over the last few years, I decided to seek help… James made me feel at ease from the start, listening without judgement but challenging negative feelings. He drew upon his knowledge of various performing disciplines and relaxing techniques and encouraged me to be more mindful and inquisitive of the way you stand, move, think and feel. I can honestly say that James has inspired me to be more confident in all areas of my life, but has especially helped me to become calmer and more relaxed in performance, allowing me to enjoy my playing again.’

    Ceri Peterson
    Musician and Teacher
  • "James has a natural gift for teaching. Our son had completely lost his enthusiasm for music. James completely reinspired him.James teaches with infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy, combined with great sensitivity and an attention to detail. His own musical talents are an inspiration, and he also has an extraordinary depth and breadth of musical knowledge. This, together with his understanding of complex performance skills bring another dimension to learning with him."

  • In all my years of education both as a student and a teacher James is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has changed my thinking about music and life in ways I never thought possible.

    He makes the lessons fun but challenging. Nearly every new piece I think I’ll never be able to play this but I always manage to in the end with James’s guidance. He has a vast arsenal of techniques at his fingertips to get the best out of his students.

    The longer I have lessons with James’s the more I realise how lucky I am to have found a teacher of his calibre. Sorry James that means you are stuck with me for a while longer

  • ‘Very effective and highly engaging. Your approach was relaxed, unique and highly valuable’

    J. Fothergill
    Managing director
    Fothergill’s Seeds
  • ‘Thank you very much for delivering the training to the Year 5's yesterday. You were enthusiastic and passionate. They really enjoyed the session’

    Greshams’ Prep School
  • 'James is a master craftsman. As a keynote speaker, he captured the imaginations of every delegate at the conference. They commented on his contribution in their lives as being truly transformational.'

    Brynn Bayman
    Framlingham College